The Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is a traditional component of most weddings and can carry deep personal and cultural significance. The rings represent the love and commitment between two people and the promises exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

There is no requirement for you to exchange rings, you can exchange other gifts that have more meaning for you, or no gifts at all.

If you are exchanging rings or personal gifts, the simplest way to include this in the ceremony is as part of the legal vows, however many couples choose to have a separate ring ceremony within their marriage ceremony after the vows.

A ring exchange usually involves one partner placing their marriage partner’s ring on their finger whilst saying “ring vows”. It is easiest to repeat these vows after your celebrant so I would recommend keeping them short. I’ve added some examples below for you to use or to inspire you to write your own.

If you have an engagement ring it is traditional to wear your wedding ring below it once married, symbolically this means that the wedding ring is closest to your heart.

Brides often ask me where to wear their engagement ring during the ceremony. There are no rules, but traditionally you would wear your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand, then move it over after the ceremony.