How does it work?

When you contact me about a wedding I will arrange a meeting with you either in person or on Zoom so we can make sure we’re a good fit. This usually takes no longer than thirty minutes and we’ll talk about what you are hoping for from your wedding day and the ceremony in particular.

After our initial chat I will send you a ceremony outline and a quote and invite you to confirm your booking.

Once the booking is confirmed we agree when would be a good time to meet again so that I can gather all the information I need to write your ceremony. A couple of weeks before we meet I will send you more information and invite you to fill out a questionnaire.

Then I head home, put pen to paper and write a rough draft, which I refine over a few days, before I send it to you for approval or changes. This may involve many cups of coffee and the odd gin and tonic for inspiration.

My final version will include a full script including readings, vows and choreography (who stands where, when).

Throughout this process I am available to answer questions, have a chat or meet up, I will also remind you to apply for your marriage licence in good time.

At the Rehearsal

If you have a wedding planner or venue manager I will work with them. We will practise your entrance and run through the detailed choreography for every stage of the ceremony. By the end of the rehearsal everyone involved will be confident in their role.

On the Day

I will arrive at the venue around an hour before the ceremony is due to start. I will talk to your photographer, to make sure they are aware of how key moments in the ceremony will be managed.

I will talk to the sound engineer (or your mate Mike with his i-Phone and portable PA system) to make sure the microphone is working and everyone understand the music cues.

At a wedding where the groom and groomsmen arrive before the bride I will give them a pep talk, make sure that they are looking suitably fabulous and that they are in place before the ceremony.

I will introduce myself and chat with your guests. Once I know you are ready I will get the guests to sit down, run through some housekeeping, cue the music and start the ceremony.

After the Ceremony

I will make sure your guests know what is happening next and, if invited, I will stay on for a celebratory drink before leaving you to celebrate. I also offer MC services if you would like me to make sure the rest of your day runs smoothly.

Within 24 hours, I will register your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages and advise you when this has been done. I will ask you for feedback and, if you are happy to share images that I am able to use on my website or social media I would be very pleased to receive them.