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“This is your story, and your celebration, and I look forward to working with you to create the perfect ceremony that is all about you.”

Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant

Felicity is a celebrant who believes each occasion has its own unique personality. She has built a reputation on her innate ability to form excellent relationships with clients, to listen and to know exactly what’s needed for each occasion. She brings her understated, easy style to weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, home cleansing ceremonies, birthdays, graduations – any special occasion that is deserving of the personal touch.

“I see my role as a celebrant assisting in making your ceremony in exactly the style you envisage. I find that the combination of a client’s vision and my insight creates a memorable occasion for everyone involved.”

With a wealth of inspiring poetry and readings covering every occasion, as well as a microphone and public address system, Felicity is the complete celebrant.


Like the very people they are celebrating, every occasion is unique, and Felicity Warren’s commitment to you is to provide personal, respectful service to ensure a magical moment for you and your guests. From weddings and civil unions to funerals, baby naming ceremonies to vow renewals, and even home cleansing – Felicity’s experience, understated style and professionalism will be a cherished asset.


“It is such a privilege to be part of a moment where love between two people is celebrated by everyone close to them.”

Felicity is a very experienced marriage celebrant who takes great pleasure in overseeing the magical moment when two people exchange sacred vows and embark on a life together. Felicity’s people skills are brought to bear on weddings and civil unions as she creates a celebration where the combined personalities are greater than the sum of the parts. She will work in with your wishes, your style and your vision to create a moment that is all about you.

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“My role is to help honour a loved one, assist in celebrating a life, and make the process of saying good-bye exactly as you wish it to be.”

Felicity’s respectful, understated style ensures that the ceremony of farewelling a loved one is tasteful and fitting for all involved. She takes the time to get to know the families involved, so that guests can properly celebrate that life, and walk away having experienced a service that best represents their friend or loved one. 

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“It’s a wonderful occasion when two people can celebrate a relationship with a renewal of their commitment to each other.”

The renewing of marriage vows is a popular thing to do for couples wanting to celebrate a landmark anniversary and to renew their commitment to each other. It is an occasion that can be enjoyed by children from that relationship, and indeed the friends and well-wishers who were present the first time around! Felicity will take the time to get to know your story, your history as a couple, and indeed your hopes for your future together. 

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“I enjoy creating a special occasion for the naming of a baby, one that will be cherished by family and friends.”

A new baby is a very a special time for new parents, their family and friends. A naming ceremony may honour the meaning of a child’s name, or indeed the reasons behind choosing the name. Felicity will take the time to learn your story, to understand the importance of your baby’s name, and work with you to create an occasion that works for your child, family and guests.

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 “When Marg and I decided to get married … again, we made two great choices.  The first was to hold a small family gathering in Martinborough, NZ, and the other was to ask Felicity to be our celebrant.

Felicity was fantastic and made the whole process easy from start to finish, often going the extra mile to make the day just right for us and bringing her own warm, engaging personal style to help us celebrate a very happy day.

The other great thing about this story is that this was Felicity’s first wedding as a celebrant, and we know this was a serendipitous and inspired choice.

It is a great pleasure for us to recommend Felicity as a wedding celebrant, and if you are looking for a venue for the ceremony, check out her fantastic ‘chapel’ and grounds for what we are sure will be a very special and unique day for you, as it was for us.”
Mike & Marg


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